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  • Step 1 … this is getting laughable

    So first it was the HMO that gave us issues.  Then is was the Healthcare provider.  Now we are back at the HMO, where in the words of my wife: “They’re running their operations on sticky notes purchased from the dollar store.” We finally got Aetna, to provide us a list of ABA therapists in […]

  • Step 1 … still not there

    I last wrote about the difficulties we are having in dealing with the health insurance companies.  I noted that Hills Physicians Medical group, was a problem, and Aetna was somewhat helpful.  Well so much for that. I “thought” Aetna was helping because they assigned a behavioral caseworker for us.  What I didn’t know is that […]

  • Step 1

    Still getting over the initial set of emotions, we need to continue to move on, and finding out that the health system is as much of a joke as I have heard rumors about. First I wou ld like to thank, the many whom have called and given out support.  It’s very much appreciated.  I […]