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  • Slippery Slope

    Family vacation time! Cancun, Mexico. What a blast! Chase had a great time. We are starting to overcome his fear of water. With a lifejacket on we were able to bring him out into the ocean, and hold him by the hands only, while he would lay on his belly and kick trying to swim. […]

  • Feed Your Brain

    A few months ago, I went around the world for work. In 2 weeks time I visited London, Frankfurt, Paris, Singapore and Tokyo. What a great adventure. Now I’ve been to Europe and all of those 3 european cities a few times before. I have even spent a few days in Singapore as well. Tokyo […]

  • Gluten Free Bread – Recipe

    Yay my first post! So Pierre pushed me to do this, and I’m not a writer, but here goes anyway. When we first decided to go gluten free, we found expensive half loafs of bread that didn’t taste good. Found alot of online recipes that had good reviews, and we tried them. None of them were […]

  • The Diet

    So one of the first things we started doing was changing his diet.  The premise here, is that certain proteins, especially the complex ones are difficult to breakdown and digest.  This is further exasperated as a problem with all the genetically modified crap that our farmers feed us. There are 2 main proteins which we target: Gluten […]

  • Team manager of the year

    My wife Jen is awesome!  What she needs to do on a daily basis is nothing short of amazing.  When we first started to embark on this journey, I read an article that mentioned how raising a child with autism is like managing a pro-sports team.  Jen is that manager, and a damn good one […]

  • That Gut Feeling

    Autism is a complex neurological disorder, comprising of a multitude of different smaller disorders, and grouped into one umbrella.  Rates for autism are increasing every day.  Today 1 in 54 boys are diagnosed with Autism…. 1 in 54.  Think about that.  Do you know 54 different young boys?  1 of them has autism.  This is […]