Author: Pierre Tessier

  • Speak

    So this post may come off as a product advertisement.  IT IS NOT!  This is legit, real, and our true experiences. When we moved to Canada, we started the next phase for Chase’s supplements and treatment plan.  Part of the next phase was adding something called Speak from Nourish Life.  Speak is a specially formulated […]

  • Slippery Slope

    Family vacation time! Cancun, Mexico. What a blast! Chase had a great time. We are starting to overcome his fear of water. With a lifejacket on we were able to bring him out into the ocean, and hold him by the hands only, while he would lay on his belly and kick trying to swim. […]

  • Awareness, on the upswing

    At first I thought it was just because I was typing in the search terms in Google, and the evil big brother tracking cookies were giving me ads about it.  But now I’m seeing more and more of my Facebook friends post about it.  These aren’t ads.  These are actual posts. An old time childhood […]

  • Feed Your Brain

    A few months ago, I went around the world for work. In 2 weeks time I visited London, Frankfurt, Paris, Singapore and Tokyo. What a great adventure. Now I’ve been to Europe and all of those 3 european cities a few times before. I have even spent a few days in Singapore as well. Tokyo […]

  • Meltdown

    Raising Chase, we’re faced with numerous challenges.  Physical, psychological, social, dietary, etc.  We have been slowly overcoming them.  Chase is speaking more, using more sentences, and engaging in short 2-way conversations.  He’s in full time school now, and is starting to become more social.  He’s certainly still awkward when in social situations, but over time […]

  • Settling

    So we finally moved.  Enjoying the “new” house.  It’s not really a new house, we have owned this home for 5 years, and rented it out while we lived in California.  Chase lived in this home for the first 2 years of his life, but doesn’t remember.  Today he calls it the new house, and […]

  • Happy Father’s Day

    I received the best text message of my life today from my lovely wife Jen.  Its contents were:   I asked chase to write his name… It’s not what I asked for, but I was floored that he wrote this!!!!!  ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!! I was in a car with a co-worker when I received this, […]

  • The problem with

    The problem with traveling alot is I get lots of time to myself. The problem with lots of time to myself is I blank stare at the seat in front of me on the plane. The problem with the blank stares is that I think alot. The problem with thinking alot is I can only […]

  • Ch-ch-ch-changes

    Haven’t posted in a while.  Been busy for the past month. Started with the Bay Area Autism Walk which was an awesome success.  Team Chasing Chase raised over $5000 in total (although the website doesn’t reflect that total just yet).  I tried to reach out to each person that donated and thank them personally.  If […]

  • Cracking


    Last week, my wife took a much needed vacation.  Even super mom needs a break, so I came to the rescue.  She went frolicking into the wilderness with her girlfriends, and I stayed home with the team.  As such I got to do what mom does on a daily basis.  Talk about getting thrown to the […]