So this post may come off as a product advertisement.  IT IS NOT!  This is legit, real, and our true experiences.

When we moved to Canada, we started the next phase for Chase’s supplements and treatment plan.  Part of the next phase was adding something called Speak from Nourish Life.  Speak is a specially formulated fatty acids, vitamin E, rich in Omegas solution for kids on the spectrum.  Chase takes 2 twist off capsules each morning.  When we started this, we knew it would take up to 4 months to really see results.

It was a little less than 4 months when I first looked at my wife and said, he’s really making great progress this past week.  She echoed the statement.  But it didn’t stop there.  His progress was accelerating.

A few weeks ago, in class, Chase decided that he would do the morning messages.  Not only did he do them, he actually had the class spell out the words he was looking for, asking them to raise their “quiet hands” and answer the next letter needed.  It’s like he was  teaching his peers.

At night, Chase will read to us.  Let me repeat that.  Chase reads to his mommy and daddy now.  One more time… my autistic 5 year old boy is reading me stories at night. I need to wipe a tear from my eye each time I type that, happy tears are great.

Is it Speak?  Is it everything else?  I’m not sure, but there’s no way I ‘m going to stop to give him Speak.  In fact we are so pleased with the results, we have sent emails to the manufacturer to thank them.

In the past 6 weeks, I have repeated this statement to myself numerous times, and smile each time:
Impossible is Nothing!


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  1. Chase and his parents are awesome! that is all 🙂 well done your devotion to your child is paying off xx

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