Awareness, on the upswing

At first I thought it was just because I was typing in the search terms in Google, and the evil big brother tracking cookies were giving me ads about it.  But now I’m seeing more and more of my Facebook friends post about it.  These aren’t ads.  These are actual posts.

An old time childhood friend of mine, spends much of his time helping students with special needs.  He recently did a trip to the zoo for them, all based on donations he solicited from Facebook.  Kobe, here’s a shout out to you.  Hats off for doing what you do, one of the most selfless men I know.

A couple of other friends, post about how a Michigan mom wants to throw a surprise birthday for her child Colin with a spectrum disorder.  She was hoping for a few likes, last I checked she had over 1.5 million of them.  Here’s her page.  Go ahead and like it, let’s give Colin something to be happy about.  Colin’s Birthday Page.  Thanks Scott and David for getting  this one on my news feed.

My neighbor Melanie is involved with the local Autism foundation.  Mind you she has been doing this for a while.  She helps them put together a large fundraising gala, and does all the video/photo editing for them.  You can find out more about the gala here.  Thanks Mel for doing this.

Another friend of mine sends me this heart warming video of an ex-pro surfer in Southern California that offers a free “Surf with a Pro” day for children with autism.  This is just awesome.  Beware, watching this one made me cry (while sitting on a plane).  Certainly pulls on the heart strings.  Thanks Jenny for sending this my way.

This is just the recent stuff.  Amazing.  The more people know, the more we will focus on helping, the more we will focus on finding out why, the more we will focus on curing autism.

Thanks everyone.  Keep them coming.  I don’t mind shedding a tear, sometimes I just need to let it out.

My son Chase has autism, and you will hear him ROAR!!!

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