The problem with

The problem with traveling alot is I get lots of time to myself.

The problem with lots of time to myself is I blank stare at the seat in front of me on the plane.

The problem with the blank stares is that I think alot.

The problem with thinking alot is I can only think of Chase (since his diagnosis).

The problem with thinking of only Chase is the thought of him struggling through life.

The problem with thinking of Chase struggling through life is it makes me sad.

The problem with me being sad is the tear(s) that roll down my face while seated on this plane… while staring at the back of a blue airplane seat.


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  1. The awesome thing though, is that even though he may struggle, he has the awesomest set of parents, god could have provided. His struggle will be lessened greatly, by the help, love and support you and Jen will give him <3 chin up buddy. See you when you get …. … ahh.. home 🙂

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