Looking for lemonade

Big announcement by the CDC today.  Previously the rate for Autism, as studied in 2008, was 1 in 88.  Well the new study [PDF] is in, and the rate has skyrocketed yet again.  Today 1 in 50 children have Autism.  That’s 2% of all children will receive a diagnosis for a disorder which will impair their cognitive and social interactions for the rest of their life.  Say What!?!!

An interesting article from Dr. Sears on TACA.

I will ask again: Why is nobody alarmed? Why is nobody at the CDC issuing a press release saying, “Parents, we hear you, we are just as concerned as you are. We now realize there is an epidemic that continues to worsen year after year and we are dedicated to determining the cause.”

And then he goes on to make a very valid point:

If I told you, “Hey – there’s a new infectious disease that will strike 2% of all children that will significantly impair them for their entire life,” wouldn’t you expect the CDC to jump all over this and get to the bottom of it quickly?

But of course there’s this gradual thing happening:

 But if there’s a disease that is very slowly making its way through our population with only a very gradual, but questionable increase, then there’s no reason to panic. We’ll get to the bottom of it someday.

…. FUCK!!  He’s right too!


So I’m all about reading up more about Autism today, stories, what others have experienced, tips, tricks… and after reading a couple of other family experiences, it hit me.

Chase has been progressing, I will say this.  Look back at all my posts here.  I’m proud of him, we are trying a much more aggressive approach and the results are noticeable.  But he’s not catching up.  He’s learning, he’s progressing, much more than he was capable of doing a few months ago, but he’s not catching up to his peers.  I noticed today he could barely hold a pencil.   Then I read a family story about how it took them until 8 to get their high-functioning autistic child to write properly.

He still has tantrums, some days they come often.  Short tantrums, nothing crazy. A situation with anything out of routine will upset him, creating another one.  Sometimes just my presence in the room, when mom would normally be doing it, will set him off.  Things like brushing his teeth, normally mom does it.  If I try, it’s a scream fest.  Even waking him up in the morning to get him ready for school.

I look around at other kids his age, and see a massive difference, and he’s not closing the gap.  What’s gonna happen when he starts really going to school and being on the playground.  I’m certain someone, someday, will call him a retard to his face.  Someone will make fun of him for being slow.  And when he turns 10, will he have friends?  Will they respect him, or just keep him around because they have to?  What about when he’s 15?  He’ll see others playing with friends, how will he feel?

Today I’m ranting.  Upset, sad, distraught.  My wife gave me a big hug and said it will be okay.  Thanks Jen, I needed that.
Today I was given lemons… …still looking for lemonade.

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