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Autism is a complex neurological disorder, comprising of a multitude of different smaller disorders, and grouped into one umbrella.  Rates for autism are increasing every day.  Today 1 in 54 boys are diagnosed with Autism…. 1 in 54.  Think about that.  Do you know 54 different young boys?  1 of them has autism.  This is a 1000% increase since the 1980s.  That’s Insane!

Vaccines are often seen as the cause, but numerous studies have been done, and that is not the case.  Parents whom refuse to vaccinate their children do indeed have lower autism rates, but some of those children still get it… why?

The reason is the food we eat.

Although rates are lower with children not vaccinated, I don’t believe this has much to do with the vaccine, as much as it has to do with the lifestyle within that family.  A typical family that will refuse to vaccinate, is also the same type of family that will eat organic foods.  The link here is the food, not the vaccines.  Did you know you can’t find a single grain of wheat in North America that has not been genetically modified?  Farmers are slowly deteriorating our lifestyle, and the world is letting them do it.  Pesticides, GMOs, Natural Flavoring, etc.  These are all foods that we eat, made to look natural, but concocted in a laboratory.

Most people have a strong digestive system, and thanks to evolution, it will continue to get stronger, but not all of us are so lucky.  Since we are modifying foods much faster than we are slowly evolving, autism, and other disorder rates are going through the roof.  If you can’t properly digest a food, you don’t absorb the proper vitamins and minerals, and likewise do not excrete the toxins and heavy metals.  In the end, your brain suffers.  If you don’t feed your brain properly, you will suffer.  If your gut, can’t deliver the proper nutrients to your brain, because you don’t have the right enzymes in your stomach, you risk getting autism.

At the beginning of the year, we started Chase on a Gluten Free and Casein Free (dairy free) diet.  GFCF for short.  Now this isn’t a diet you implement overnight.  He already has problems with change, and changing his foods around is not easy.  It took us about 6 weeks to get it in, and we still cheat on occasion.  Our fruits and vegetables, have gone the organic route as well.  We also started him on a vitamin supplement program.

By doing the above combined, Chase, has become talkative, responsive, and well, is doing really well.  Many will argue that what we are doing hasn’t been proven by the FDA or medical community…. I say fuck you!  My results speak for themselves.  Chase just started ABA therapy last week, and even his therapist said he has progressed well since his initial evaluation.  Autism doesn’t fix itself over time, so this is no accident, or coincident that he is getting better.

Will the diet fix him, cure him?  No.  Will the diet combined with a therapy program and support cure him?  Maybe.  Is there a cure?  Not likely.  But we don’t have a cure for cancer, and it doesn’t stop people from going into remission.  Will he ever shed his Autism diagnosis?… if we keep on the path we are on, I strongly believe he will.

Stay strong Chase… We will get you there!

For the rest of you, watch what you eat.  That whole wheat flour, isn’t just wheat anymore, and that golden field in the heartland, isn’t as innocent as we are led to believe.

Here’s a great link to read for more info on this.  And an awesome website called Talk About Curing Autism Now, which explains how to help through diets.

PS: I’m not changing my own personal diet.  I enjoy the foods I eat, but I’m also a lucky one that has a strong digestive system, that can handle the crap I feed it.  Not all of us are as lucky.

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