Autism to the power of Family

So this one is going to be 5 or 6 on the sappy scale… You’ve been warned.

Chase has been in IEP for nearly a year. Like all school programs he gets breaks, sometimes a few days, sometimes an entire week, and in the summer, over a month. When on breaks we notice Chase regresses somewhat. He more easily goes into a tantrum, says “no” to everything, etc. the longer into a break the more pronounced this is.

The Christmas break was especially long. Before the break he had a cold so we held him out of school. Then we got on a plane, flew across the country, drove over the border and get to Canada so we can visit family. Besides my mother in-law (whom I think is wonderful), Chase doesn’t interact or see other family members. This is the first time he’s going to see most of them in a year. A year in which he regressed.

You can see where this is going. Out of school/therapy for a few weeks. Gatherings with lots of unfamiliar faces. Everyone is trying to hug and touch each other. Lots of loud talking. A recipe for disaster.

The thing is the disaster never happened. I can only chalk this up to the love that only a family can give. The same love that heals and comforts. The one that holds you when things are down and whispers in your ear that it will all be okay.

Chase did Awesome! Better than awesome. He was a rock star on awesome-sauce! Sure he had a few moments, but he had many more happy times. And even without official speech and language therapy (we did some basic stuff with him daily, but nothing intense) it seems like his vocabulary improved daily.

My father is French, loud, stubborn, <insert adjective here>. He loves Chase, but his voice can be overbearing. Fearful, I warned my parents what to look for, and to step back should Chase go into overload. I thought Chase would cringe and freak each time he seen his Papi. Boy was I wrong. At first he was standoffish, but within an hour they were best of friends. Chase would barely leave my dad’s side. He even wanted to sleep in his Papi’s bed, sometimes without his security blanket, and always without his music box. He hasn’t seen Papi in a year. These past few weeks he cherished every moment he had with him.

I have similar stories all around. His aunts, uncles, cousins, my friends, everyone. It was like Chase knew them for years, and was very comfortable with each and every one of them.

This trip showed me something, that is more powerful than anything else: A Family’s Love.

Chase will return to school in his IEP program on Monday. But he didn’t take a step back while away… he took two steps forward.

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  1. Jen had brought Levi over for a playdate with Jack and Chase was with them. Jen and chase also came in for a little visit and I showed him Brody s room which is full of cars, dinky cars, monster truck s racetracks etc. He was soooo happy! When Jen was ready to leave Chase had no part of it, he wanted to stay! So I told her to leave him here and I’ll bring him home later with Levi. We played with the racetracks, had dinner and even danced the “Gangnam style ” it was a lot of fun 🙂

    All our love

    Aunt Laura and Uncle Scott

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